Presentations & Instruction

I offer fly fishing education and instruction – I’m available to clubs, fishing expos and shows, and I offer personal instruction, as well. The following are some of the products and services that I provide. Please send inquiries to and we’ll go from there . . .

Fly Fishing Seminars

  • Sight-Fishing for Striped Bass – a comprehensive survey of this exciting chapter of striped bass fishing
  • Advanced Sight-Casting for Striped Bass – an in depth look at the details and nuances of sight-fishing for stripers
  • Northeast Seasons, Baits, and Flies – a general salt water program – striped bass to bluefin, all the basics are covered
  • Florida Keys’ Fabulous Spring Tarpon Migration – a detailed look at the Sunshine State’s sensational tarpon fishery – other spring treats, such as bonefish, permit, dorado and sharks are also explored
  • Sight-Fishing Great Lakes Carp – a stunning and enlightening review of this special fishery
  • Night-Fishing Strategies and Tactics – an in depth look at unique approaches to Northeast saltwater angling after dark
  • Fly-rodding for False Albacore – a comprehensive look at this fascinating nomad of the sea. Topics include strategies, tactics, proven fly patterns, the right tackle, and top destinations
  • Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island – explore the Margaree River and other treasures of this magical destination
  • Fly Rodding Protected Inshore Waters – a solid overview of the rich fly fishing available within estuaries, salt ponds, bays and coastal rivers found throughout the Northeast. This is an excellent primer for anglers new to fly fishing and a perfect introduction for seasoned freshwater anglers looking to broaden their scope with entry level salt water  AVAILABLE IN 2025

Fly Casting Instruction and Demonstration

I offer fly casting demonstration / instruction to groups, clubs, expos, and to individuals. Instruction is tailored to suit your specific interest, which may be just the basics to get you started, or more advanced casting to suit a specific need or interest. Flats fishing is my specialty and I’m eager to teach the unique approaches and special casting techniques that are ideal for this challenging fishing.

Fly Tying Instruction and Demonstration

I offer fly tying demonstration / instruction to groups, clubs, expos and to individuals. Fly tying instruction is also tailored to suit your specific interest from beginner level to advanced fly tying, including designing and developing new fly patterns and addressing unique or complex fishing challenges.

Contact me to discuss your needs – to the extent possible I am flexible and I can adjust topics and approaches to ensure your expectations are met and you are satisfied.

Fees are based on the specific assignment and complexity of required travel, but they are reasonable and competitive.