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I am fascinated with all fishing – fresh water, salt water, inshore, offshore, light tackle, heavy tackle . . . but I’m most passionate about saltwater fly fishing – especially stalking the flats and shallows for all the game fish that hunt in these waters. What’s my favorite? Hunting permit and trophy bonefish on desolate, windswept grass flats is about as good as it gets for this cowboy! I discovered saltwater angling at a very young age and I’ve never looked back.

I began outdoor writing and photography over 30 years ago and have strived to contribute in some small way to the ancient sport of fly fishing. To date, I’ve authored two books on saltwater fly fishing and I’m presently working on a new title. I have also contributed a host of topically-diverse short- and full-feature articles and freelance photography to several leading outdoor publications, including Fly Fisherman, tail Fly Fishing Magazine, American Angler, Sport Fishing, Salt Water Sportsman, Flyfishing & Tying Journal, Tide, Saltwater Fly Fishing, On The Water, and more. I also offer saltwater fly fishing and fly tying instruction, as well a variety of seminars, classes, and demonstrations.

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Photo by David Skok