Freelance Images

I shoot high resolution saltwater fishing-related images with a Nikon D200. I also have extensive 35mm chrome images (slides), accrued prior to digital photography. My photography is suitable for books, magazines, pamphlets and brochures, calendars . . . anywhere fly fishing imagery is used. Regional coverage includes the Northeast, Southeast and the tropics – images related to all inshore fisheries from stripers to bonefish are available. Visit the All Galleries Page – click here or choose a categlory below.

Subjects include . . .

  • Scenics and panoramas
  • Angling action
  • Game fish grip ‘n grins, close-ups, and in-the-water imagery
  • Baitfish and prey close-ups, and in-the-water imagery
  • Fly casting
  • Flies
  • And much more

Please send inquiries to and we’ll go from there…

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sunrise sunset - image

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Fly Fishing and Salt Water Fishing Gallery – click here.

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Landscapes and Seascapes Gallery – click here