Return to Guiding

After a long layoff I will resume guiding effective immediately. I had guided in the ‘90s and into the millennium and I enjoyed that work a lot. It was a rewarding element of my recreational fishing career. But “life” somehow found its way and it became no longer reasonable to my clients nor me and I reluctantly retired that service.

I’m excited to again guide anglers at all skill and experience levels. My services are primarily as a wade-guide (on foot, from shore), but I will gladly come aboard to assist boaters new to saltwater fishing succeed in finding and connecting with their quarry. While wading, my focus is fly fishing, however, I welcome spin/light tackle anglers, as well.

I reside on the coast of southern New England in Westerly, Rhode Island where I have regional expertise in the waters from southeastern Connecticut east to Narragansett, Rhode Island. I also offer destination guiding, provided I am familiar with the target species and fishing methods you prefer. If you have an unfamiliar destination in mind, or a target species you know little about, I may be able to help you succeed more quickly.  My immersion in every manner of saltwater fishing since I was a young boy has provided me a great deal of experience and the ability to process observations quickly, decipher a new fishery and achieve success efficiently.

Wade guiding in my regional waters is offered in two packages: four hours on the water and six hours on the water. A four-hour trip would best fit a basic shore-fishing adventure – a sunrise or sunset outing that may include striped bass, bluefish, hickory shad, and others. For more technical fishing, such as sight-fishing for striped bass or pursuing false albacore or bonito from shore, I suggest a six-hour effort simply because these are more challenging pursuits and the additional time will help “stack the deck” in your favor. All trips are limited to one or two anglers in order that I may provide meaningful attention and guidance to the party.

I look forward to fishing with you . . . Tight lines,


My ValuesI will impart my knowledge and experience generously so at the end of our adventure you are a better fisherman . . . I will make every effort to guide you to your angling goal and help you catch your quarry, but what is most important to me is that you become a better, more versatile angler by the end of the day.